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puto cheese recipe

Puto Cheese Recipe

Ingredients: 4 cups flour 2 cups sugar 2 1/2 tbsp baking powder 1 cup evaporated milk 2 1/2 cups water 1/2 cup butter, melted 1 egg Cheese - cut into small pieces Method: Combine all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix well. Add butter, evaporated milk, egg, water and mix all ingredients thoroughly. Pour mixture in molds or small cupcake pans … [Read More...]


Salmon Fillet Steak

Ingredients:     1 serving slice salmon fillet or belly part 1 big onion cut into rings 2 tbsp. lemon or calamansi juice 2 tbsp. soy … [Read More...]

kare kare recipe

Kare Kare Recipe

This kare kare recipe is one of my favorite, my mom used to cooked this when i was in the Philippines back years ago. So here is the easy recipe i am … [Read More...]

pork adobo

Simple Pork Adobo Recipe

This is a very simple pork adobo recipe that you will surely love. A filipino food that makes you feel at home when you are far away from home. Enjoy … [Read More...]

pinakbet recipe

Pinakbet Recipe

                                                   Feel like eating vegetables? Here is a perfect recipe for you. Pinakbet is one of the main Filipino food that is being served and cooked in everyday life in the Philippines. Try this healthy recipe and enjoy eating. Ingredients:    500 grams pork meat, sliced thinly 1 medium … [Read More...]